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How to get More SR Fast in MW2 Ranked Play

I wanna be the very best.
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Competition is always healthy. Some of it at work, some of at other instances of life. Competition in Call of Duy? Oh well, that can get messy really fast. And since we all enjoy some messiness in our lives, today we will talk about the ultimate competition mode in Modern Warfare 2: ranked play. Oh yes, the ultimate bragging rights. Let us not delay this any longer. here is how to get more SR Fast in MW2 ranked play.

How to get More SR Fast in MW2 Ranked Play

The idea of ranked play as a way of stating your dominance in a game is not something new. I mean, even Duoling has a mode of ranked play. While you continue winning matches and performing well, you will earn SR, or Skill Rating, which is what will determine your position in each Skill Division, starting from Bronze, all the way to Iridescent and the Top 250. However, the way that a player can earn more SR appears to be random or at least confusing. Yes, it is all about winning matches, but there’s more than meets the eye.

Image Via Infinity Ward

You see, the SR rating of all players begins at 0. Subsequent wins and defeats alter that number, which gets higher or lower. However, there is another variant that will determine how much SR you earn per win. That is the Hidden Performance Range or HPR. And while you won’t be able to see it, it completely alters your SR income. You see, there is a set value for your HPR, with your SR falling behind that number.

If your SR falls behind, you will earn more SR, but if you win matches, which will cause SR to increase, you will begin to earn less SR. Not only that, but SR is more dependent on personal performance on lower tier Skill Divisions, while, in the higher tier ones, SR depends on team performance overall. Furthermore, killing opponents with a higher HPR than yours will net you more SR.

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So, what is your best show to gain SR fast? Win, kill, and win again. There is no way to know your HPR or the opponent’s, so it is safe to say that you will have to maximize your earnings. After all, SR is dependant on both individual and team performance, so go ahead and surround yourself with good players if you can. Good luck!

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