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How to Get Ham in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Those Meal Powers are worth every bite
Image via Nintendo

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet adds a Picnic portion to the game. Here, players can feed their Pokémon sandwiches which offer temporary Meal Powers that help aid in specific capturing missions. Whilst players do not need to use the Picnics, it is a useful way to boost Pokémon friendships and as a means to level up faster. Try giving your Pokémon a small meal. Boost your catching, obtain more loot and experience points through the Meal Powers of the Picnic. This is our guide to finding the popular sandwich ingredient, Ham in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

What is Ham Used for in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet?

Ham is a purchasable ingredient, used in the Scarlet and Violet Picnics. Similar to Camping in Sword and Shield where players can interact with their Pokémon. Picnics offer players the unique ability to talk, play and cook for their Pokémon party. Picnics allow players to boost the happiness of their Pokémon and obtain temporary powers help catch wild Pokémon, increase EXP and boosts item drop rates. The Meal Powers depend on the ingredients you use when making a sandwich. When levelling up fast, we recommend players make a #80 Ham Sandwich, this boosts Teensy, Encounter and Raid powers temporarily, helping with finding specific Pokémon and increasing the EXP your party gains from battling.

The temporary powers obtained through Pokémon sandwiches are:

  • Catching – Increasing chances of catching a specific Pokémon.
  • EXP – Higher EXP Points after knocking out a specific Pokémon-Type.
  • Egg – Better locator for Picnic basket Pokémon eggs.
  • Encounter – Chance increase of locating a specific Pokémon.
  • Humungo – Chance increase of locating a specific large Pokémon.
  • Teensy – Chance increase of locating a specific small Pokémon.
  • Title – Chance increase of locating a Pokémon with a title.
  • Sparkling – Chance increase of finding a specific Shiny Pokémon.
  • Item Drop – Obtain more item dropped by a specific Pokémon.
  • Raid – Obtain more dropped items off a Tera Raid Pokémon.

Sandwich Recipes

  • Bitter Jambon-Beurre – Ham (Seasoning: Butter & Bitter Herba Mystica)
  • Great Ham – Pickle, Ham & Prosciutto (Seasoning: Mayonnaise & Mustard)
  • Ham – Pickle, Ham (Seasoning: Mayonnaise & Mustard)
  • Jambon-Beurre – Ham (Seasoning: Butter)
  • Master Ham – Pickle, Ham, Prosciutto & Jalapeno (Seasoning: Mayonnaise, Mustard & Salt Herba Mystica)
  • Salty Jambon-Beurre – Ham (Seasoning: Butter & Salty Herba Mystica)
  • Sour Jambon-Beurre – Ham (Seasoning: Butter & Sour Herba Mystica)
  • Spicy Jambon-Beurre – Ham (Seasoning: Butter & Spicy Herba Mystica)
  • Sweet Jambon-Beurre – Ham (Seasoning: Butter & Sweet Herba Mystica)
  • Ultra Ham – Pickle, Ham, Prosciutto & Jalapeno (Seasoning: Mayonnaise & Mustard)

Where to Find Ham

Ham is found in multiple spots in the Paldea region. Players can locate Ham in the central Paldea city of Mesagoza. In the stalls on the left-side of Mesagoza, players should enter the Artisan Bakery (refer to the screenshot below for the specific stall spot). Here players can find various ingredients, including Ham which is the top option. For players searching for ingredients that are not present in this store, check the other two stores Sure Cans and Deli Cioso. Ham is 170 Pokémon Dollars.

Image via Nintendo

Players can also buy Ham in the Artisan Bakery in Porto Marinada. This is located on the far-left side of Paldea, in between the Asado Desert and West Province (Area Two). This stall is on the far-left aisle in the room. Ham will appear as the same price as when purchasing in Mesagoza. This is simply helpful to have multiple stores to buy ingredients at if a Mass Outbreak appears nearby and you want to boost some abilities temporarily through the Meal Powers.

The final spot where players can buy Ham is at the Aquiesta Supermarket in Levincia. This is the eastern city of Paldea and the Market can be located in the northern side of Levincia. Once again, the price of these ingredients is the same, but this Market offers rarer ingredients such as Klawf Stick, Curry Powder and Wasabi.

Image via Nintendo

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