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How to get Candy in Adopt Me – Halloween 2021

How to get Candy in Adopt Me

Adopt Me’s Halloween Update for 2021 is officially underway, and players will find themselves needing to collect Candy to claim some of the new Halloween Pets. Candy can be acquired in various ways, so you might be wondering what’s the best way to collect it. in this guide, we’ll show you how to get Candy in Adopt Me for the Halloween 2021 event.

How to get Candy in Adopt Me

To get Candy in Adopt Me, you can:

  1. Participate in the Potion minigame event.
  2. Participate in the Horseman Chase Adoption Island race.
  3. Tap on the Jack-o’-lantern on the left side of the screen.
  4. Purchase Candy with Robux.

Potion minigame

Find and tap on the Halloween button found on the left side of the screen to teleport to the Crypt. The Crypt is where the Halloween Event takes place for the next three weeks (until November 13). Inside the Crypto, you’ll find a cave for the Magic Cauldron, where you can join the queue for the potion minigame. You need to stand on the circle to join the queue and wait for the event to begin. You will receive about 150 Candy when you finish the minigame.

Horseman Chase minigame

You will also occasionally receive a prompt to join the Horseman Chase minigame, or you can join the queue for it by the Toy Shop. In the Horseman Chase minigame, players will need to chase the Headless Horseman around Adoption Island. The Horseman will periodically drop pieces of Candy behind him, so you can collect them along the way. You can get anywhere from 50 to 150 Candy for completing each game.


Finally, you will notice a Jack-o’-lantern on the left side of the screen when you’re in Adopt Me. There’s a timer above the Jack-o’-lantern, and when the timer expires, you can tap on it to claim some free Candy. That’s a great way to claim 150 Candy daily, so make sure to log in to make the most of it.

Purchase Candy

You can purchase Candy directly from the in-game shop if you want to forego the minigames and daily reward. Tap on the Shop button found on the right side of the screen, and then tap on the Buy Candy option. You will see your current Candy balance and a few options to buy bundles of Candy.

  • 360 Candy – R$ 30
  • 1080 Candy – R$ 85
  • 1800 Candy – R$ 140
  • 3600 Candy – R$ 275
  • 9000 Candy – R$ 650
  • 18000 Candy – R$ 1250

As you can see, the best deal is the highest package, which is 18000 Candy for R$ 1250.

Remember to use your Candy to buy some epic Adopt Me halloween pets! For more related content and guides, you can check out our website’s Adopt Me section.

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