How to Fly in Teardown

How to Fly in Teardown

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As a game that prides itself on its open-source and fully destructible natures, Teardown generally offers a lot of freedom of movement and control to its players. Of course, there are some things you’re still not supposed to be able to do, lest you completely break the game, but if I know anything about these kinds of games, it’s that people will seek out ways to break them for giggles. Case in point, here’s how to fly in Teardown.

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Obviously, Teardown does not offer any actual mechanic for flying, because it’s not something you’re supposed to be able to do, but as a gaggle of players discovered during the early access period, it’s more than possible to achieve a facsimile of flight by futzing with the game’s physics engine. It’s a little harder to do this now than it was in early access, but it is still possible.

How to Fly in Teardown

Here’s how to fly in Teardown:

  • Attach a plank to the ground, then attach another plank to the other end
  • Use your hammer or a weapon to break the first plank’s connection to the ground
  • Stand on the broken plank and grab the second plank to propel yourself into the air
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The way Teardown’s physics work is not dissimilar to how they work in Garry’s Mod. All you need to do is take control of an object’s physics (i.e., hold it) while standing on it, and both you and the object will be propelled upward in a physics feedback loop. It’s less flying and more… falling up, but it works.

The easiest way to do this is to get out a Plank and stick it vertically into the ground, then stick another plank onto that one. You should have two planks stacked vertically and sticking upward. Use your hammer or a weapon to break the bottom of this construct and disconnect the planks from the ground, letting them fall over. Afterward, just stand on the broken plank and grab the unbroken plank, and you should start flying in the direction you move it. Hold on tight, as it’ll move fast, and you’re liable to fall to your death.

If this doesn’t work for you, or just seems too silly, you can also achieve flight through the magic of mods. There are plenty of flight-enabling mods in the Steam Workshop for you to download and try out. The simplest one is Precision Flight, which allows you to cleanly move across the vertical and horizontal axes without worrying about momentum or fall damage.

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