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How to Activate Mods in Teardown

Learn how to activate mods in Teardown through the Workshop.
How to Activate Mods in Teardown
Image via Tuxedo Labs

After a lengthy stay in early access, Teardown has finally released in full. Obviously, this means the game is feature complete with everything it was meant to have, but in addition to that, full release means easier access to more… creative elements of the game’s back end. For one thing, if you wanted to use mods before, you had to navigate directly through the game’s local files, but now it has Workshop support! Here’s how to activate mods in Teardown.

How to Activate Mods in Teardown

If you want to install mods onto Teardown, just open the game’s official Steam Workshop page, where ambitious users have created their own content. Teardown mods are broken up into five categories:

  • Maps: Full game maps
  • Gameplay: New gameplay elements like wingsuits or fire tornadoes
  • Assets: Items, characters, and constructs you can use in your game for whatever
  • Vehicles: Controllable vehicles
  • Tools: Weapons and tools for player use, like a mining drill or a missile launcher

As you peruse the Workshop, if you see a mod that catches your interest, just click the green Subscribe button to register it to your game. Steam will download the mod’s assets and store the files locally, keeping them up-to-date with any tweaks the modder releases.

If you prefer your mods a little more open-sourced, you can download mod packages directly from sites like Nexus Mods. Just extract the files from them and drop them into the mods folder of your Teardown files, which can be found in your default Documents folder.

Once you’ve downloaded some mods, open Teardown and press the Play button, followed by the Mods button. You’ll get a list of all of the mods in the base game, the mods you’ve subscribed to on the Steam Workshop, and the mods in the local files if you’ve dropped any in there directly.

Just click on the mod you want to enable from the list, and press the little toggle in the bottom right to enable it. If the mod is a specific map or game mode, you can also launch it into a session from this menu. In the event that you try out a mod and it either doesn’t work or you just don’t like it, you can toggle it back off in the same mod menu.

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