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How to Enter Triplicate Space in Bugsnax

Take a bite out of Bugsnax's expansion.

The original ending of Bugsnax implied the existence of a super-secret, world-controlling organization with intricate knowledge of the true nature of Bugsnax. In the Isle of BIGSnax update, this brief tease was expanded into a major lore dump area known as Triplicate Space, but to enter this area, you’re going to have to jump through a few hoops.

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Here’s how to enter Triplicate Space in Bugsnax.

How to Enter Triplicate Space in Bugsnax

While the way to enter Triplicate Space is located on Snaktooth Island proper, you can’t open the way without a special key located in the expansion area, Broken Tooth Island. As a reminder, you’ll gain access to Broken Tooth after completing all of Snorpy and Chandlo’s sidequests, after which Snorpy will ask you to meet him in Simmering Sands to watch Broken Tooth rise from the ocean.

Finding the Triangle Key

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On Broken Tooth, follow Triffany’s questline until you enter the cave area where the Pielobite is wandering around. In the far right corner of this room is a stone door with a flare sticking out of the ground next to it. You’ll need to use your Trip Shot to light flares in a path from your base camp to the room to bring the fire over.

Starting from the campfire in the base camp, light the flares in this order:

  • The flare on the same hill as the base camp
  • The flare on the cliff across from the previous one
  • The flare on the ground next to the tree with the Spaghider
  • The flare on the ground directly across from the previous one
  • The flare directly in front of the entrance to the cave
  • The flare immediately inside of the cave
  • The large campfire near the cave’s center
  • The flare next to the stone door

When you light the final flare, the stone door will open, revealing a small room containing the Triangle Key (accompanied by a spooky music sting).

Entering Triplicate Space

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The next time you return to Snaxburg, you should get a letter in your mailbox informing you that you can now enter a “special space,” and that “Grumpbeard will show you the way.” This is a hint to the location of the entrance to Triplicate Space.

Head to the Boiling Bay, specifically to the wrecked pirate ship that Floofty had previously set up shop in. Place your Lunchpad and aim at the deck of the ship to launch yourself up to it. Go to the back of the boat and hop down into the grass, and you should see a large pad on the ground with a triangle pattern on it. If you’re holding the Triangle Key, you’ll automatically enter Triplicate Space.

Triplicate Space is home to a handful of puzzles, and more importantly, tape recorders containing the testimony of one Alegander Jamfoot, the owner of the mysterious voice heard after the game’s credits. Make sure to find and listen to all of these, as they’re chock-full of cool lore.

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