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How to Catch Capuceetle in Bugsnax

Capuceetle is the very last Snak to catch in Bugsnax, but it doesn't plan on making that task easy for you.
Image via Young Horses

If you fully explore the secret area introduced in Bugsnax’s Isle of BIGSnax expansion, Triplicate Space, you’ll come across a brand new Snak at the end, and oh boy, is this one a doozy. If you thought the regular Snax of Snaktooth Island were a pain to capture, just wait until you have to deal with Capuceetle. Here’s how to catch Capuceetle in Bugsnax.

Capuceetle is the very last Snak to catch in Bugsnax, but it doesn’t plan on making that task easy for you. The moment you come across Capuceetle in Triplicate Space, it’ll dash off at top speed, leaving the area entirely. This is Capuceetle’s special ability; if you startle it, it’ll run away to a completely different region of Snaktooth Island. It can appear in almost any region, with the only exceptions being Snaxburg and Broken Tooth. Because of its immense speed, it’s also completely immune to most of your trapping tools like the Snak Trap, Lunchpad, and Trip Shot.

How to Catch Capuceetle in Bugsnax

So how are you supposed to capture this coffee achiever? If Grumpus tools won’t work, we have to fight Bugsnax with Bugsnax! You need to find a way to cajole another Snak into attacking Cappuceetle and stunning it long enough for you to run up and catch it with your net. There are a few ways to do this, but here are a couple of suggested methods.

Method 1: The Spuddy Method

Image via Young Horses

The regular Spuddys and Loaded Spuddys that hang around Scorched Gorge and Sizzling Sands, respectively, have one-track minds for tackling anything they hate, which is everything. If you can chase the Capuceetle to either of these areas, you can lure it over to the Spuddys by covering them in chocolate, Capuceetle’s lone favorite sauce. You might need to lead the Cappuceetle to the Spuddy by launching splotches of chocolate from a distance, but once it’s close enough, the Spuddy should charge it and knock it down, giving you a window to catch it.

Method 2: The Lolive Method

Image via Young Horses

The Black Lolives that roam around Sizzling Sands will use their long tongues to entrap anything covered in their favorite sauce and carry it away. Once again, chase the Capuceetle to Sizzling Sands and use chocolate to lure it closer to where Lolive hangs out. Watch out for the Sodie D floating in the oasis, as it may wash away any sauce you shoot at the ground. Once you get Capuceetle close to Lolive’s turf, launch a bottle of cheese sauce at the Capuceetle to get its attention. With any luck, the Lolive will capture the Capuceetle and start flying around with it. Set your Trip Shot somewhere in the Lolive’s flight pattern to shoot it down, along with the now-stunned Capuceetle, ripe for catching.

Incidentally, if you ever want to subject yourself to catching Capuceetle again, just return to Triplicate Space to find another in the same spot as the first. Startle it and it’ll run out into the overworld, starting the chase again.

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