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How to Change Your Sexual Orientation in the Sims 4

Finally, some representation. About time!
Image Via EA Games

Finally, the time has come. We’ve all been waiting for this day. It’s finally time to ditch the mods that brought life to our Sims and focus on the new. Sims 4 has finally made it possible for Sims to have their own sexual orientation, giving them an identity. Long gone will be the time when Sims would just randomly flirt with someone, with absolutely no regards, towards how they feel. Setting your sexual orientation on Sims 4 is super easy and in this guide we’re going to teach you how!

Setting Sexual Orientation in CAS

Image Via EA Games

Create-A-Sim, or CAS, for players who are very familiar with the game know just how important it is to make sure your Sim has everything down to a tea. Builders are popular in the game, but in the Sim community, making Sims is just as important as building homes. We’d say the two balance each other perfectly. What the game was lacking were options to further give your character personality. Maybe you want your Sim to come out of the closet and find true love? Imagine the incredible story building options you could create! Setting your sexual orientation is easy and it starts by opening up CAS.

Once you’re staring at your Sim head over to the three dots underneath the “male” and “female” icons. Click the dots and more options will appear. In this section you can completely customize how you want them to engage with other Sims. You can pick their sexual orientation and you can choose who they are attracted to, are they exploring romantically, and you can determine which Sim are they comfortable with messing around.

How Does Sexual Orientation Works in Sims 4?

Now that you have chosen the path for your Sim we’re going to explore what it means when you’re attracted to a Sim, how they can explore romantically, and who they can mess around with. Attraction merely means this is the Sim they’re feeling. If a Sim has a gender that doesn’t match the other Sim you will be rejected. Just like real life! Unfortunately EA Games has stated they haven’t figured out what to do with non binary Sims. Thankfully, you have the option to pick your pronouns and in the future they will work something out!

If you’re trying to explore your options this means your Sim is still deciding what they like. If you set this option to “no” you’re not exploring this means you’re set in stone with who you are. You will reject anyone who isn’t someone you’re attracted to. If you set it to “yes” you will have the option to experience romantic interactions with said Sim. This is perfect for stories and developing a relationship with Sims in the future.

Lastly, we wanted to talk about woo-hooing, because let’s be real, a lot of you make your Sims woo-hoo. The mess around with option is all about being intimate with your Sims. If you choose “Men” or “Women” or both this will indicate who you will sleep with. That’s it! Bonus points for EA Games making asexual inclusive in the game. If you want an asexual Sim then leave all blank so they don’t pursue a sexual relationship.

That’s all you need to know about sexual orientation in Sims! It’s a new update that will not have the ability to be toggled off. Just like in real life, LGBTQ+ identities are not an on/off switch. For more Sim and gaming news be sure to follow us at Gamer Journalist. We post gaming tips, guides, and news for popular gaming titles and upcoming ones.

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