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How to beat the Giantslayer torment in Metal: Hellsinger

The bigger they are, and all that.
Giant Slayer I info in metal Hellsinger
Screenshot by GJ / The Outsiders

Metal: Hellsinger is not only about advancing through the Hells to get your voice back. There are also the remnants of the butchered Archdevils, the torments, to conquer to truly prove yourself as a dedicated warrior. Giantslayer, the torment manifested by the rage of Bune, is one such torment that really tests your ability to topple the toughest of beasts the Hells have to offer. If you want that Sigil, you’re going to have to work for it. Here is how to best Giantslayer in Metal: Hellsinger.

What is Giantslayer in Metal: Hellsinger?

Giantslayer is a punishing torment that tests your efficiency and skill. You are to defeat ten monsters of the torment’s choosing before the time expires, with the game rewarding you with time for each beast of choice killed.

However, slaughters will not drop health, so you will have to be frugal with the few Styx Crystals the torment offers you.

Not only that, but your weapons will disappear with each milestone reached, so you’d better well-versed in your arsenal.

Top tips for Giantslayer in Metal: Hellsinger

The reality is, defeating the beasts themselves isn’t so hard. It’s really the lack of health and the depleting arsenal that puts you to the test.

Each Giantslayer torment will throw other enemies alongside the target beasts to throw you off and hinder you. Seeming as slaughtering the weak enemies won’t offer you health, you must try to ignore them and focus on topping the target beast. If they ever get too much, then your second weapon, no matter what it is, will be more than adept at clearing the way.

Giantslayer I stalker in metal Hellsinger
Screenshot by GJ / The Outsiders

You will always have access to The Hounds, a pair of incredible pistols. The Hounds are great at quick and precise shooting from range, so if your prey is far away or next to a Chaos Crystal, make no hesitation in whipping them out. If you can, try to activate their ultimate as quick as you can. The second pair of crystals will make light work of the irritating weaker enemies, and will mean that taking down your target beasts will be much quicker and easier.

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As milestones are hit, your third weapon will be the first to go, followed by your second, until only Terminus remains. get as much use out of your third weapon as you can out of the gate, to buy you a lot of time without using much.

Then when it gets taken away, I would recommend to simply switch to Terminus. It is a powerful blade that can make very quick work of the target beasts, especially when the ultimate is active. You may take more damage, but the Styx Crystals will be there to help out.

If the other enemies get in the way, or if you want to hit a Chaos Crystal, then your secondary (permitting that you still have it) will come in just fine.

Naturally, you must be careful and don’t get hit. If you do, try and wait till the last minute to crack open a Styx Crystal. To really dominate Giantslayer, you must know your enemy, in order to out-manoeuvre them and predict their strikes.

Also, despite the time pressure, don’t take unnecessary damage trying to score some more hits on your enemies to save time. Taking a couple extra seconds every now and then to make sure you don’t die will benefit you in the long run and will be vital in succeeding.

Giant Slayer I complete in metal Hellsinger
Screenshot by GJ / The Outsiders

So, all-in-all, know your enemy, be careful and take time to dodge attacks, exploit The Hounds as much as you can, and unleash your ultimates as soon as you get the chance. So, go and get ’em.

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