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When will GigaBash be Released?

When will GigaBash be Released?
Image: Passion Republic Games

I love, love, love all things kaiju and tokusatsu. Godzilla, Ultraman, Super Sentai; if it involves gigantic spandex robots and monsters pummeling each other, I’m all for it. This was why I got pretty hyped up during the PC Gaming Show’s presentation during E3 2021, which showed off a quick trailer for Passion Republic Games’ upcoming giganto-brawler, GigaBash. But when, exactly, will GigaBash be released?

An actual release date was conspicuously absent from the GigaBash trailer shown during the PC Gaming Show, though if you’ll look at the bottom right of the screen during the trailer, you’ll see the little note that says “Alpha Gameplay.” This means that either the game is still relatively early in its major developmental process, or the alpha build was the only one stable enough to pull promotional footage from. Either way, we can infer that this means we won’t be getting this game for a little while.

When will GigaBash be Released?

A member of the GigaBash‘s development team said in March of 2020 that they were shooting for a late 2020, early 2021 release, though the pandemic likely threw a monkey wrench into those hopes. By current estimates, the game should still be out before the end of 2021, though nothing has been written in stone as of yet.

As for where you’ll be able to play this game, the devs are planning an initial release on PC and PlayStation 4, with a Nintendo Switch release possibly to come later. Since Passion Republic Games is a pretty small dev, they don’t quite have the manpower to optimize for PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X just yet, though you could probably still play the PS4 version on a PS5 via backwards compatibility. 

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