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Forspoken: How to Find The Hungry Sheep

Prepare to feed
Forspoken screenshot Frey running
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Forspoken is the latest fantasy adventure to be published by Square Enix. Like the other games they’ve developed and published, this one contains an open world that is packed with content for players to discover. Some of this content comes in the form of side missions known as Detours. These detours are like side missions in any open-world game and can sometimes be simple tasks. In this guide, we’ll show you how to complete the Feeding the Sheep Detour.

How to Complete the Feeding the Sheep Detour

To get to this Detour you must first begin the Detour “A Guided Tour.” During this mission, Pilo will guide you through the city of Cipal. Eventually, you’ll reach the cemetery where you’ll find sheep. During a cutscene, Pilo will suggest that Frey should feed the sheep. This will then begin the “Feeding the Sheep” Detour.

For this mission, you’ll need to find hungry sheep and feed them. Forspoken allows you to use the cuff on Frey’s arm to scan an area for information by pressing up on the d-pad. You’ll use this ability to find the sheep. The first one will be straight ahead of you near the staircase. After using the cuff scan, make a left and go up the stairs and you’ll find the second hungry sheep. Next, make a right and use the cuff scan once again. You’ll that the next sheep is below you. Jump off the small cliff and heads towards it. To find the last sheep, go back to where you originally started the quest. Look to your right, and use the cuff scan. The last sheep will appear and you’ll be able to feed it and complete the mission.

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