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Former F-Zero Artist Creating Game Based on His New Manga

Takaya Imamura Announces His Next Project
Omega 6
Image via Omake Manga

In 2021, longtime Nintendo employee Takaya Imamura left the company after working there for working there for over 30 years. During his tenure, he became known for being one of the main designers of the F-Zero and Starfox franchises. Since leaving the company, he has released a new manga known as Omega 6. In addition to a manga, Omega 6 will also receive a video game adaptation on the Nintendo Switch.

Omega 6 Video Game Coming Next Year

Omega 6: The Video Game will arrive sometime next year for the Nintendo Switch digitally and is being developed by Japanese developer Happymeal. Happymeal is known for their Mystery Guide series of games. The game will apparently be simple but also include unique features. Instead of using the manga’s story, Omega 6 The Video Game will instead have an original story based on the manga’s characters and expand the universe established by the manga.

The story of Omega 6 follows two characters named Thunder and Kaira as they search the galaxy for a new planet to call home. Although Happymeal is developing the game, this project will mark Imamura’s return to game development. He’ll be responsible for graphics production and the game’s art direction, which isn’t surprising given his history at Nintendo.

The Omega 6 manga was recently released only in French for the time being but it hasn’t been the only thing Imamura has been working on since leaving Nintendo. He’s also worked as a freelance illustrator while also teaching at Osaka International Engineering Professional University.

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