Massive Factorio Expansion Announced

Big things are coming to Factorio. A massive new expansion has been announced and will begin playtests soon.
Factorio Expansion Announced

We are pleased to report the Factorio staff have announced that a massive new Factorio expansion will be coming soon. Wube Software hasn’t specified a release date for the expansion, but we know that it will be big, and has been in the works for at least a year at this point. Here is some of the information the development team has provided, including the release strategy and pricing.

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Factorio Expansion Release Strategy and Pricing

The currently unnamed Factorio Expansion will cost $30, the same price as the base game. The team chose this price point because the scale of the expansion will be equivalent to the current build of the game. The $30 price point will keep them honest during the development to make sure they add as much content to the expansion as possible. Considering that Factorio was released almost eight years ago and has had constant updates, we see no issue in paying $30 for a solid new expansion. 

Wube Software has stated a seven-step plan for developing and releasing the new expansion.

  • Step 1 – High level plan
  • Step 2 – Basic shape
  • Step 3 – Implementation of sub systems
  • Step 4 – Connecting systems into a prototype
  • Step 5 – First pass of tweaking
  • Step 6 – Beta test
  • Step 7 – Release

Currently, the dev team is on Step 4. They are connecting all of their subsystems for the expansion into one unit and getting ready for the first pass of playtests. The majority of the expansion is in a playable state at the moment. When the expansion is released, it will essentially act as a mod. You will be able to turn it off at any time if you like. The base game will also be updated so the engine can accommodate the new changes. 

Very little is known as to what the expansion will entail, but many players are hoping for some sort of space exploration implementation. There is currently a popular mod out called “Space Exploration,” and we would love to see something like that in an expansion. Stay tuned for more updates as more information is released on the Factorio expansion in the coming months. 

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