Epic Games Store introduces a self-serve refund system

Epic Games Store realized an opportunity in the digital game refund process. A new change to the Epic Games Store now allows players to automatically refund a purchase by themselves. A post from Epic Games details the new system and how it works.

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Basically, an Epic Games user can head to the site and choose ‘Account’ to view a list of their recent transactions. From the transactions tab, they can select any game to start the refund process. The only requirements for game refunds are that the process starts within 14 days of purchase, and your play time does not exceed two-hours.

You also cannot refund a game if you were banned, and Epic Games can deny you the refund at their sole discretion if they determine you are abusing the refund process.

Keyless Integration

The Epic Games client now also includes Keyless integration with a few different third-party digital sales platforms. These platforms include Fanatical, Green Man Gaming, and Genba Digital. Users of these platforms can now easily purchase games from their catalogs through Epic Games by linking up their accounts.

This streamlines the process where users would buy games from third-party sites, get the 20-digit redemption code, and go through additional steps to redeem the game.

Bandiwdth Management

Lastly, Epic Games introduces a new way to manage bandwidth with more control over the downloads. Players can now throttle downloads to resolve any bandwidth issues they may be having from large updates and patches through the Epic Games client. Head over to the “settings” option in Epic Games Launcher to check out these new features.

Upcoming Changes

Some other upcoming changes to the Launcher include Mod Support, which sounds like it will be identical to how the Twitch app allows players to manage addons for a variety of games.

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