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Epic Games Secures Three Game Studios, Forms Epic Games Publishing

Epic Games, the popular game developer, and storefront for digital games is now returning to become a game publisher. The company announced Wednesday its plans to fund and launch new gaming titles across multiple platforms.

Epic Games Publishing already laid out some of their financial details. First, they will let studios retain full control of their intellectual property. They will also fund up to 100% of all development costs associated with the games. When EGP recoups its investment, the game developer will earn a minimum of 50% of profits.

Three studios have already announced signing on with EGP. Remedy Entertainment is the first. You may be familiar with their 2001 Max Payne title and their latest game Control. Playdead is another studio, known for its popular indie titles Limbo and Inside. Lastly is genDESIGN, a studio led by Fumito Uedo, the director of PlayStation exclusive Ico and Shadow of the Colossus.

Remedy Entertainment will be making its return to Epic, as they previously launched Control on PC as an Epic Games Store exclusive and pulled in around $10.5 million from the deal. Epic plans to announce additional EGP titles, developers, and games in the near future.

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