Dr Disrespect Twitch Deal Video

Perhaps the most entertaining personality on Twitch has just announced he is sticking with the platform. With many major streamers like Ninja and Shroud switching over to Mixer, The Doc is here to stay.

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He signed a deal to continue his partnership with Twitch and revealed it in an amazing video. The Two-Time Champion sat in a dropship with two pilots and gave a backstory of how he became the gaming powerhouse he is today.

The deal is reportedly a multi-million dollar contract over the course of several years. Dr. Disrespect has been one of the largest streamers on Twitch. TwitchTracker shows how his subscriber count has grown over the past four years.

Despite his obvious peak in January 2018 due to Fortnite, his subscriber count has stayed steady over the past three years as he continues to grow his brand.

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