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Divinity: Original Sin 2 Skill Book Combinations

Divinity: Original Sin 2 Skill Book Combinations

Most depictions of magic in popular fiction are not unlike depictions of science; while it may employ certain arcane rules and knowledge, at its core, it’s mostly just a matter of throwing concepts at the wall and seeing what sticks. Just like mixing two kinds of chemicals, mixing two elements of magic can yield fascinating (and deadly) results. Here’s a list of Skill Book combinations for Divinity: Original Sin 2.

In Divinity: Original Sin 2, you can combine Skill Books, books that bestow various magical and non-magical skills upon your character, together to create brand new skills. Any two Skill Books can be combined to create something new, though it should be noted that different skills will be created if one of the Skill Books you’re using is for a Source Skill, one that consumes Source Points when used.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 Skill Book Combinations

Here is a complete list of skill books combinations in Divinity: Original Sin 2.

  • Fire + Necromancy = Corpse Explosion (detonate a corpse like a bomb)
  • Fire + Polymorph = Bleed Fire (enemies create burning surfaces nearby when they’re hit)
  • Fire + Warfare = Sparking Swings (physical attacks bounce between targets)
  • Fire + Hunter = Explosive Trap (sets an explosive landmine)
  • Fire + Scoundrel = Sabotage (detonate explosives in a target’s inventory)
  • Fire + Summoning = Fire Infusion (teach a minion Fireball, make it fire-affiliated)
  • Air + Necromancy = Vacuum Touch (simultaneously damages, suffocates, and silences)
  • Air + Polymorph = Vaporise (cures petrification and frozen, turn surfaces into clouds)
  • Air + Warfare = Breathing Bubble (Makes you immune to clouds and suffocating)
  • Air + Hunter = Erratic Wisp (Target is warped to a random spot on hit)
  • Air + Scoundrel = Smoke Cover (Create a cloud around yourself)
  • Air + Summoning = Electric Infusion (teach a minion Electric Discharge, make it electric-affiliated)
  • Water + Necromancy = Blood Rain (makes enemies bleed constantly, extinguishes fire)
  • Water + Polymorph = Healing Tears (heal nearby allies)
  • Water + Warfare = Cleanse Wounds (remove status effects including burn, disabled, decay, poison and bleed)
  • Water + Hunter = Cyrotherapy (gain magic armor from frozen surfaces)
  • Water + Scoundrel = Vampiric Hunger (Steal half a foe’s life for two turns)
  • Water + Summoning = Water Infusion (teach a minion Restoration, make it water-affiliated)
  • Earth + Necromancy = Corrosive Spray (spray acid in a conal radius)
  • Earth + Polymorph = Turn to Oil (turns other liquids into oil, removes stuck and shock)
  • Earth + Warfare = Oily Carapace (gain physical armor from oily surfaces)
  • Earth + Hunter = Throw Dust (damage and blind foes, remove surface and cloud effects)
  • Earth + Scoundrel = Venom Coating (enemies attacked with weapons take poison damage)
  • Earth + Summoning = Poison Infusion (Teach minion Poison dart, make it poison-affiliated)
  • Polymorph 2 + Fire 2 = Flaming Skin (immune to fire damage, bleed fire when hit, lowered resistance to water)
  • Polymorph 2 + Water 2 = Icy Skin (immune to water damage, bleed ice when hit, lowered resistance to fire)
  • Polymorph 2 + Air 2 = Jellyfish Skin (immune to electric damage, bleed lightning when hit, lowered resistance to poison and earth)
  • Polymorph 2 + Earth 2 = Poisonous Skin (immune to poison and earth, bleed poison when hit, lowered resistance to air)
  • Fire 2 + Necromancer 2 = Mass Corpse Explosion (detonate all corpses in your vicinity)
  • Fire 2 + Warfare 2 = Master of Sparks (apply Sparking Swings to entire party)
  • Fire 2 + Hunter 2 = Mass Exploding Traps (deploy multiple explosive landmines)
  • Fire 2 + Scoundrel 2 = Mass Sabotage (detonate two explosives in a foe’s inventory)
  • Summoning 2 + Earth 2 = Acid Infusion (teach minion Poison Dart and Acid Spores, make it acid-affiliated)
  • Summoning 2 + Air 2 = Cursed Electric Infusion (teach minion Electric Discharge and Closed Circuit, make it cursed electric-affiliated)
  • Summoning 2 + Water 2 = Ice Infusion (teach minion Restoration and Steam Lance, make it ice-affiliated)
  • Summoning 2 + Fire 2 = Necrofire Infusion (teach minion Fireball and Epidemic of Fire, make it necrofire-affiliated)
  • Summoning 2 + Necromancer 2 = Blood Infusion (teach minion Mosquito Swarm, make it blood-affiliated)

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