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Discord is shifting away from its focus on gaming

Discord is shifting away from its focus on gaming

Since its creation back in 2015, Discord has been dedicated to helping gamers communicate with one another during online matches. 

In a recent post from Jason Citron, Discord Founder/CEO, the messaging platform announced its plan to make Discord more than a place for gamers. They plan to cater to anyone looking to find a community, create their own chatroom, or talk with their friends.

Discord plans to give new users a “streamlined” onboarding experience as well as updated templates that make it easier to set up a server. They have already made several visual changes on their website and app that include the tagline “your place to talk.”

Another key focus of the new Discord will be user safety. The app developers hope their dedication to user safety will help them become more appealing to everyone. In the blog, they mention their plans to take action against hate groups, harassment, and anyone who wants to use the app to spread racism and prejudice.

Since the start of the year, Discord has seen an increase in daily users worldwide. New users in the US has increased by 50 percent and even tripled in some parts of Europe. According to the blog, this new direction towards the mainstream is just a reflection of how people are already using the platform.

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