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All Deathloop Endings

A guide to all of the Deathloop endings.
All Deathloop Endings

When you’re trapped in a time loop for long enough, the notion that it could ever truly end becomes almost frightening. How can you live in a world where you’ll never know what’s coming after existing in a perfect, predictable loop? But all things have to come to an end eventually, one way or another, even if it may not be quite the way you’re hoping for. Here’s how to get all of the endings in Deathloop.

Thankfully, unlike some Arkane games I could mention (looking at you, Dishonored), your ending isn’t determined by binary moral choice or how you choose to play the game. You can play the entirety of Deathloop pretty much any way you want. The only important choices come at the very end, which is also nice since it makes it easy to see the other endings without having to play the whole game over again.

All Deathloop Endings

There are three possible endings to Deathloop:

  1. Shoot Juliana and break the loop
  2. Don’t shoot Juliana and take control of the loop
  3. Shoot Juliana and remain in the loop

At the very end of the story, Juliana will confront Colt in the very core of the Deathloop system. It’s here, with a set of two antique pistols, that she offers you a decision. You can shoot her in the head and break the loop, or you can let her live to show you how much fun the loop can be.

If you shoot Juliana and walk off the edge of the platform, the Deathloop will be terminated, and Colt will wake up one last time on the beach with Juliana pointing a gun at him, before she walks away, disappointed.

If you don’t shoot Juliana, the loop will reset again, but instead of hunting Colt, she’ll become friends with him, and the two will turn the loop into their own endless party.

You do have a third decision: you can shoot Juliana, but instead of walking off the platform, sit back down in the chair and appreciate the loop system, allowing it and your rivalry to continue. That’s the fun thing about time loops; they’re only permanent if you let them be.

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