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How to Store Weapons in the Gun Locker in Days Gone

How to Store Weapons in the Gun Locker in Days Gone

You give me a survival game with collectible weapons, and I immediately turn into a hoarder. It’s fun to collect things, and it’s helpful to keep them in organized storage containers. Yeah, you probably won’t use all of them, but they’re yours, and no one can take that away from you. Days Gone has a weapon storage system of its own, though compared to other games of similar natures, it’s a bit unusual. Here’s how to store weapons in the Gun Locker in Days Gone.

How to Store Weapons in the Gun Locker in Days Gone

In the first place, saying that you “store weapons” in the Gun Locker is a bit misleading. It’d be more accurate to say that you “duplicate” weapons in the Gun Locker. See, whenever you purchase a new weapon or earn one from story progression, a duplicate of it is automatically added to your universal Gun Locker. The Gun Locker can be freely accessed from any Camp Safehouse, NERO Safehouse, or cleared-out Marauder Bunker.

Here’s the tricky thing, though: any weapons you happen to pick up out in the wild, whether they’re dropped by enemies or just sort of laying around, cannot be added to the Gun Locker. Picked up weapons are strictly temporary; the only way to hold onto them long-term is to keep them equipped. If you end up losing them for whatever reason, whether due to running out of ammo or needing to pick something else up, you’re just kind of out of luck, as there’s no way to get them back. This means if you find a weapon in the wild that’s better than one you have, you should endeavor to protect it with your life, at least until you can purchase a better version from a shopkeeper and have that one added to your Gun Locker.

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