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Will there be a Days Gone 2?

Will there be a Days Gone 2
Image: Bend Studio

You know what’s tragic? The number of games that have come out over the years with stories that ended on cliffhangers, and then they never got sequels. It’s why you really shouldn’t end a story like that; there’s no guarantee you’re getting a sequel, even if the story necessitates it. On that subject, will there be a Days Gone 2?

While Days Gone has seen a resurgence thanks to its recent late-stage PC port, the original release on the PS4 back in 2019 was… a mixed bag, let’s say. Financially speaking, the game did quite well for itself, setting several sales records and even outselling the 2018 God of War. Critically, on the other hand, it was pretty lukewarm. Critics weren’t really that into it, and the game didn’t get much press coverage. This was why, back when the game’s director, Jeff Ross, first pitched a sequel to Sony, they got a big fat red light.

Will There be a Days Gone 2?

However, thanks to the PC release getting the game out to a wider audience, calls have been picking up for a sequel. Just last month, a group of fans started a petition on Change.org requesting Sony greenlight a sequel, with the campaign having reached 114,694 of the required 150,000 signatures as of writing. 

“There’s millions of people who want Sony PlayStation to approve Days Gone 2,” the petition description reads. “They can’t just pull the plug on such an amazing game that ended with a cliffhanger.”

The Days Gone devs have taken notice of this outpouring of support, and they’re very thankful for it. “It’s exciting to see the support that the game has gotten over the last few years,” lead designer Eric Jensen told Polygon. “It’s been really cool to see the community show their support for the studio and the title. You know, seeing all of [the support], I’m glad we put the effort into our photo mode, because seeing the community posting videos and screenshots and stuff like that, it’s been super exciting.”

For the time being, though, petition or not, there are no plans to make a sequel to Days Gone. The answer isn’t “never” just yet, but I have a sinking feeling it’ll take a lot of buttering up to get Sony to renege on their initial red light.

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