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Cypher’s Spycam Hotfixed in VALORANT

Some VALORANT players were having fun abusing an unintended mechanic of one of the characters. Cypher is the surveillance expert of VALORANT, and one of his abilities is a Spycam.

Cypher can place his camera anywhere on the map and switch his vision back and forth between it. Using your fire ability, the spycam can fire marketing darts to track enemy locations.

Some players managed to figure out that this spycam could inadvertently equip pistols. This allowed players to place the spycam in hidden locations and blast enemies as they walked by, leaving them utterly confused as to what just happened.

Today, Riot Games released a small hotfix to address this issue along with some other small bugs. This has been the first hotfix released since the launch of the closed beta.

We haven’t heard any official word regarding the VALORANT update schedule. League of Legends tends to run updates bi-weekly, so we could see the same thing for this game moving forward.

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