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Crown Location in Super Mario RPG

Be brave and rescue the princess's crown!
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In Super Mario RPG, you’ll need to obtain all of the princess’s accessories in order to disrupt her wedding. Amongst the accessories, there will be a Peach’s Crown, and in this article, we’ll show you how and where to find the sparkling crown you need to go back and stop the wedding.

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Peach’s Crown Location

The Peach’s Crown is located on top of Booster’s head in the Marrymore Chapel. You’ll need to jump on top of the Booster’s head in order to solve this puzzle, which is a faithful remake of a puzzle from the original game. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to master this puzzle and get the crown you want:

  • Once you’ve gone through the Booster Tower, you can go to Marrymore Chapel
  • When you see a bandit going up the hill to the Marrymore village, follow him
  • Once you get to the Marrymore Chapel, enter inside through the door on the right side
  • Then, you’ll have to open a few doors with the help of Bowser and Snifit. You’ll have to assist them by running at the doors with each character and reaching them at once
  • When you and Bowser open the second door, you’ll be in a chapel where the Peach’s items are located
  • Obtain the crown by knocking it off the top of Booster’s head

How to Collect All of Peach’s Items?

Once you obtain the valuable Peach’s Crown, you can collect in the Marrymore Chapel all of the Peach’s important things. In order to do so, you’ll need to talk to the three Snifits in the room. This will force them to give up every item, and you won’t have to fight them for it. After you collect all of the items, you will get a cutscene as a reward. If you are successful, you will collect:

  • Peach’s Ring
  • Peach’s Brooch
  • Peach’s Shoes

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