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What’s the Password for the Museum in Cris Tales?

What's the Password for the Museum in Cris Tales?

Statistically speaking, the vast majority of people keep important passwords within arm’s reach of whatever the password goes to. For example, if you looked around in someone’s office desk, you’d probably find a sticky note with a computer password on it. The same frequently applies in video games, though I suppose multiple floors of an abandoned museum don’t exactly count as “arm’s reach.” On that subject, though, what’s the password for the museum in Cris Tales?

In the kingdom of Neva Tulira, Crisbell and company need to explore the city’s derelict museum in pursuit of a shadowy thief who stole a local artisan’s tools, among other things. The museum, despite having fallen into a state of disrepair and swarming with monsters, still has some of its security measures in place. The office of the curator, Rysa’s uncle Lucio, is on the very bottom floor of the building, blocked off by a gate locked with a three-part password. You can attempt to brute force this password, as there’s only three choices for each part, but a wrong password will cause an encounter, so it’s probably faster to just do it properly.

What’s the Password for the Museum in Cris Tales?

The pieces of the password can be found in hidden diaries placed in environmental objects around the museum. You won’t find them in their proper order, but once you know all three, the order is pretty obvious. 

In a room next to the museum entrance on the top floor, you’ll find a diary on a shelf with a reminder for a part of the password: “elite.”

On the second floor is a large room with two bookcases, as well as an old painting in the center. A diary in the right bookcase will tell you that the password part is stashed behind the painting, but the painting is in disrepair. Use Crisbell’s powers to restore the painting to the past to get the paper with the password part: “prowess.”

On the far left side of the top floor is another diary with someone complaining about coworkers frequently forgetting the password, which is strange because it’s literally written on a plaque next to the security gate: “Tulira’s.”

Put it all together at the security gate, and you’ve got “Tulira’s Elite Prowess.” The gate will open, so go confront that thief. 

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