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Crab Game Update Adds Crates and Cosmetics

Crab Game Update Adds Crates and Cosmetics

The participants in Squid Game all wore identical green jumpsuits, presumably in interest of complete equality. As the game master said in the show, fairness was a central element to the games, so any kind of deviation would, presumably, be less fair. Of course, Crab Game is legally distinct from Squid Game in every way that matters, so they can do whatever they darn well please. This is why the latest Crab Game update added crates and cosmetics.

According to the developer of Crab Game, Dani, players have been requesting some manner of cosmetic system for their characters for about as long as the game has been out, and after a bit of a time investment, they were finally able to assemble such a thing. And with Steam Inventory support, no less!

Crab Game Update Adds Crates and Cosmetics

Here’s how the process works: all cosmetics are stored in crates, which you can earn simply by playing the game. Every time a game concludes with a single player left standing (and it doesn’t have to be you), every participating player will earn one crate. Open up the crate, and you’ll receive one of over 50 cosmetic items. Opening crates is free, by the way; you don’t need to buy a key or anything like that. 

Cosmetics can be equipped to one of four slots on your character:

  1. Hair
  2. Hats
  3. Accessories
  4. Shoes

Cosmetics are also broken up into five categories of rarity:

  1. Common
  2. Uncommon
  3. Rare
  4. Extraordinary
  5. Legendary

Additionally, there’s a chance your cosmetics may have special attributes attributed to them, such as unique colorations, little sparkly effects around them, or a branding of the word “YIKE.” Don’t ask me what that means.

Besides completing games, you can also earn crates through the new daily quest system, which tasks you with winning certain minigames, performing certain actions, and other such chores. Completing a daily quest will earn you a crate, and you’ll get another daily quest 24 hours after you claim that crate.

As I mentioned before, all cosmetics have Steam Inventory support, which means they can be traded and sold on the Steam Marketplace if one is so inclined. It’s also on the Steam Marketplace where you can find the single paid cosmetic, the Gotci Banana, which costs $1.99 and can’t be obtained from crates.

There are a few catches to this system. Firstly, you can only earn a certain number of crates per day, though Dani didn’t clarify how many exactly. Presumably, the game will inform you when you’ve reached your limit for the day. 

Secondly, poor sportsmanship will cause the rate at which you earn crates to decrease. Being a toxic player, getting reported, getting kicked or banned from a server, or hacking will all cost you your crate drops. Dani did clarify that this won’t happen if you’re “just banned or kicked by a bad / salty host,” though again, it’s not immediately apparent how this would be distinguished. 

Dani has noted that the system may be a bit buggy, as they “literally finished the system like 5 minutes before uploading this update,” so expect bug fixes in the near future.

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