Call of Duty Warzone Red Access Cards

Players have been finding “Red Access Cards” all around Verdansk after the latest Call of Duty Warzone update. Many people are busy trying to figure out what these can possibly do. Infinity Ward has been known to throw in some easter eggs around the map, like bunkers and phones. Are these Call of Duty Warzone Red Access Cards anything special?

Call of Duty Warzone Red Access Cards

After the recent April 29 Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Warzone update, Red Access Cards have been popping up all around the map. In fact, we have a map compiled by a Redditor of all the various Red Access Card locations on Verdansk.

One leading theory is that these cards grant players access inside of the various bunkers throughout the map. The bunkers are all locked with keypads and require codes to enter. We’ve already had confirmation that these bunkers contain the higher tier loot in the game, but nobody can manage to get inside.

Many players are working together to try and figure out this mystery. Nobody seems to be able to get inside any of the bunkers despite picking up the Red Access Cards. From the looks of them, they are just another random item on the ground. By Selecting the item, you can see it says “Red Access Card: Item”, with no additional information.

Call of Duty Warzone Red Access Card

One interesting thing to note is that symbol on them, which appears to be something medical-related. Players are thinking it has a connection to the hospital computer system, and others thought maybe you can revive teammates with it.

As of now, nobody has been able to crack the mystery surrounding the Red Access Card.

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