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Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Trailer Reveals New Gameplay

Team Reptile showcases some new Bomb Rush Cyberfunk gameplay

Jet Set Radio has become a cult classic in the eyes of gamers today. The game is so beloved that fans have decided to create a game inspired by it. This is how Bomb Rush Cyberfunk was born. The game was announced last year and is scheduled to release in 2022. This week, Team Reptile released a trailer for their upcoming game which shows the different styles of gameplay the game features.

Gamers Get a New Look at Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

The “Official Movestyle” trailer released by Team Reptile shows off the three different styles present in the game. Players will be able to roller skate, bike ride, or skateboard their way around the map. In a statement from the game’s director, Dion Koster, the game looks to capture the same feeling of going to a skate park or “scratching your name on the bins at school or hanging at the mall.” He describes the game as “a big street culture symphony of these feelings.”

He also revealed that the game will feature hidden secrets throughout the various levels. Koster ended his statement by promising that the game will release this year. When Bomb Rush Cyberfunk does come out, it will be available on PC and Nintendo Switch.

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