Blizzard patches Mythic Sylvanas Windrunner fight during RWF
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Blizzard patches Mythic Sylvanas Windrunner fight during RWF

Sylvanas patch

Several guilds are hard stuck on the final Mythic boss of the Sanctum of Domination in the World of Warcraft Race to World First. As Echo Esports and Complexity Limit have been battling for the number one spot, Blizzard pushed out a patch for Sylvanas this morning, which invalidated Echo’s strategy, putting a damper on their progress. 

Echo’s strategy for getting Sylvanas down to 45% hinged on a concept they came up with for phase three. The plan was to solo-tank the Mawforged Colossus during intermission so the rest of the raid could nuke Sylvanas down. The fight supposedly ends at the 45% mark for Mythic difficulty, and this was the best way to output as much damage as possible—a respectable strategy utilizing the mechanics of the fight.

While Echo was mid-run, they noticed a hotfix had suddenly invalidated their strategy. An enrage had been added to the mob, causing the tank to get one shot when Sylvanas becomes attackable. In other words, the mob needs to die much faster now. So much for Echo’s strategy. Here’s a clip of Echo’s pull when they noticed the Sylvanas patch:

The Co-CEO of Echo was understandably not happy about the situation, taking to Twitter to share his thoughts:

At the time of writing, Echo Esports has done a total of 147 Sylvanas pulls, with their best being 49.7%. Limit has done 155 pulls, with their best being 50.64%. Other guilds also stuck on Sylvanas include Method, Pieces, and BDGG. It’s day six of the race, and it’s looking like we may have to wait until reset to see the kill. You can watch the Race to World First on Twitch.

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