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What do you use soul crystals for in Bless Unleashed?

What do you use soul crystals for in Bless Unleashed?

In the online MMORPG Bless Unleashed, there are all manner of monsters big and small roaming the world. Most of them you can deal with on your own with some gumption and a pointy stick, but some of them can only be defeated with a little cooperation between players. For your courageous act of socialization, you receive a special currency called Soul Crystals. But what do you use Soul Crystals for in Bless Unleashed?

Soul Crystals are only dropped by Unique Bosses, of whom there is precisely one in every in-game region, though you can also encounter up to three of them in Adventure Dungeons. In either case, you can only take them on with a party of other players, with the boss’ health scaling to the party’s average health. These are tricky fights, but if you manage to overcome them, you’ll receive a lump payout of Soul Crystals, a special currency you can’t get anywhere else.

What do You Use Soul Crystals for in Bless Unleashed?

Fitting for such a scarce currency, there is only one place you can use Soul Crystals: with the Monster Hunter found in various towns. You can trade him some Crystals for either cosmetic items like skins and dyes or Monster Boxes. The Monster Boxes are the same ones that are dropped by the monsters they’re named after; presumably, this system is in place so you can still get a particular box without having to fight its associated monster.

Keep in mind, though, that the contents of the box are randomized whether you get from the monster or trade for one from the Monster Hunter, so you might still end up with some low-level junk. As such, you’re probably better off just getting the cosmetic stuff, unless there’s a box you absolutely have your heart set on and don’t have the time to go farm for it.

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