How to Complete King Henry VIII Challenge

How to Complete King Henry VIII Challenge in BitLife

Learn how to complete the King Henry VIII Challenge in BitLife

Bitlife has a lot of challenges including living like a king. Quite literally, in fact, you’ll be reenacting the life of King Henry VIII, the King of England from 1509 to 1547. In this guide, we will show you how to complete the King Henry VIII Challenge in BitLife, including how to become the King and how to execute all six of your ex-wives.

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How to Complete King Henry VIII Challenge in BitLife

  1. Become the King of England
  2. Marry 6+ wives
  3. Have a child with every wife
  4. Have a son with your sixth wife
  5. Execute each of your ex-wives

First off, you’ll want to start a new life in England and be born into royalty. You can refer to our guide on becoming a king or queen in BitLife if you want a full-on guide. The easiest way to achieve King status is to start as a prince in England. At age eighteen, you can hire a hitman to take out your parents and become King.

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Throughout the course of your life, you will need to marry six different women and have a child with every single one of them. It’s important you have a son with your sixth wife, but that will come down to a bit of luck. To find a wife, you can find a random date through the Love tab, and go to the Date option. You can edit their stats if you have God Mode to guarantee a marriage, and that they won’t kill you or the child by keeping the craziness stat low. Otherwise, just keep at it until you find someone to marry. As a King, you won’t really need a ring or anything like that. Who wouldn’t want to marry a King, after all?

After having a child with your first wife, you can find someone new to date and marry. Repeat the same process a few more times, until you reach your sixth wife.

King Henry VIII was known for executing and beheading quite a bit of people throughout his reign, and for this challenge, you’ll need to execute all of your ex-wives. To do this, you’ll need to go into the royalty section of BitLife. You should see an “Execute” option. Under the pick your victim dropdown menu, you can order the execution of your ex-wives. Try to avoid getting exiled if you can manage it.

A good idea is to do all of the executions within a one-year time span. Remember to have a son with your sixth wife. You can always back out of the app and try again if it turns out to be a girl.

In real life, King Henry VIII’s sixth wife dies of natural causes, but this challenge doesn’t say anything about that. There you have it, that’s how you complete BitLife’s King Henry VIII Challenge.

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