Biomutant release date

Biomutant release date

If there were any 100% tried and true medium of storytelling that works across pretty much any form of entertainment, it’s animal people going on big, globe-spanning adventures, potentially with a lot of fistfighting. I mean, we got three Kung-Fu Panda movies, after all, so someone’s into this stuff. If that someone is you, then you’re probably looking forward to THQ Nordic and Experiment 101’s upcoming game Biomutant. Here’s what we have on Biomutant, including release date and other info.

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Based on promotional material and the game’s own website, Biomutant is an open-world action RPG, not unlike THQ Nordic’s own Darksiders series. The big draw in the gameplay is its implementation of three-way combat specialization. You can mix up third-person shooter gunplay, high flying martial arts melee, and wacky mutant superpowers, all of which can be freely tweaked and customized. Yes, even the superpowers; you can freely re-write your character’s DNA to pick up all kinds of bizarre abilities like generating bouncy mucus bubbles or good old fashioned telekinesis. 

Biomutant Release Date and Info

Biomutant is scheduled to release on Tuesday, May 25th. It’ll be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam, and pre-orders are already open on all platforms. 

Biomutant also has an open-ended story structure, wherein your actions (or inactions) will have a lasting impact on both the land and the animal people that populate it. The game utilizes both karma and faction systems akin to Fallout New Vegas wherein you can either ally with or decimate one of the six tribes that seek to either preserve or radically alter the world. Working against all of the tribes is a sentient natural disaster in the form of a mysterious, corrosive oil substance attacking the Tree of Life at its roots. No matter who you side with, those roots need to be cleansed of oily beasts.

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