Here’s how to craft guns in Biomutant.

How to Craft Guns in Biomutant

I have long been of the belief that anything, and I do mean anything, can be either repaired or created with some gumption and a fresh roll of duct tape. Especially the duct tape. This principle is echoed by Biomutant, where a little bit of creativity can give rise to a theoretically infinite number firearms with slightly difficult-to-pronounce names. Here’s how to craft guns in Biomutant.

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From your in-game crafting menu, you can build all manner of guns entirely from scratch, from pistols and shotguns to rifles both manual and automatic. However, before you can start building stuff, you’re gonna need material components. There are five kinds of materials you can find lying around in the wild, including gears, wood, computer chips, glue, and of course, duct tape. You can get this stuff by defeating enemies, smashing scrap totems, or dismantling gear you don’t need.

How to Craft Guns in Biomutant

Once you’ve got some materials, open the Craft menu, select “Ranged Weapons,” and “Craft New Ranged.” You’ll then be prompted to select the parts you want to build out of your materials. Now, no matter what kind of gun you’re making, it needs to have three components:

  • The Base Type: Determines what kind of gun it actually is (pistol, shotgun, etc.)
  • The Grip: How you hold the gun
  • The Muzzle: Where the bullets shoot out of

As long as you have those three vital parts, it’s a functional gun, though you’d be remiss not to add other helpful gimmicks like scopes, stocks, and extended magazines. If you don’t have the materials for the extras at the moment, don’t worry; you can always come back and tweak an existing gun later. You can also disassemble any gun back into its component parts if it ends up not being to your liking. 

As long as you’ve got enough materials to craft all of the parts you chose, you can assemble the gun, at which point it’ll also be given a randomly-generated name based on the parts it’s made of. Don’t worry if you can’t pronounce it, nobody can.

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