Apple is changing up its gaming platform
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Apple is changing up its gaming platform

During WWDC 2020, Apple had several big announcements about its new operating systems. Some of the new initiatives and features will be impacting and expanding on Apple’s Game Center and will support third parting accessory integration.

One of the most significant changes in the Mac platform is that Apple Silicon will be able to run iOS and iPadOS games natively. This development is a seismic shift for gaming on Apple’s devices. Mac games have generally been ports of Windows games, a strategy that has never worked well in the 15 years since Apple moved to Intel CPUs.

The Game Center is one of Apple’s less popular platform components, but it will be getting an all-new design this year. The changes for the Game Center will focus on finding and connecting with friends online and will allow for multiuser profiles on a single device.

You will also be able to bring third-party game controllers —including Xbox’s Elite Wireless Controller and the Dualshock Controller— into your games on your Apple devices. Creating custom button mapping, rumble feedback, and control over specialty features like motion sensors, and controller lights will also be supported.

These changes will allow for more options for game developers and will enable them to expand into the Apple market, where their game might not have been optimized for it before.

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