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All Helmets and How to Equip Them in Starfield

Protect your lungs and conserve your oxygen
Can You Be a Pirate in Starfield? helmet
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Although Starfield expresses its total freedom of customization in its game, showing the most variety in any given Bethesda game yet, there is an option to fully immerse yourself into the astronaut life by choosing one of the helmets available in the game to wear. Much like hiding Commander Shepard’s face away from anyone who dares look at you if you picked anything but the default character, Starfield offers this choice to hide away your face. But unlike Mass Effect, the helmet actually serves a purpose and one that adds a layer of realism as it increases your survivability. Each helmet has its own pros and cons. Whilst you do not need to wear headgear, especially if you are someone like me who happily spends hours creating the perfect character, you may wish to put one on to protect yourself from the elements. This is Vincent’s guide on all helmets available to use in Starfield and a how to equip game for newcomers.

How to Equip a Helmet in Starfield

Equipping and taking off a helmet can be done at any point in the game. You will have learnt how to equip a helmet by completing the first mission ‘One Small Step’. For those who need a reminder as there’s a lot to take in on Starfield, with little information on how to use each function, this is our quick step-by-step guide on how to equip a helmet in Starfield:

  • Go to your Character’s Menu Screen.
  • Enter your Inventory.
  • Scroll to Helmets Tab under Inventory Menu.
  • Select the Helmet you wish to wear to equip.
  • Click/press again to take off the Helmet.

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What Helmets are Available and Which Should you Use?

Each helmet available in Starfield has its own set of stats that provide benefits in separate areas. Your spacesuit acts as your armor in Starfield, therefore each will have their own pros and cons to using them, alongside the decision being placed on the best and most appropriate to use based on your weight limit (Mass) and environment you are heading into (Thermal, Corrosive, Airborne, and Radiation). These are all helmets available in Starfield and their contributing stats. This is not a complete guide on all helmets however due to the size of Starfield, but this guide will be updated in the near future when more are found.

Helmets can be purchased via shops inside Cities and Mission Hubs. Spacesuit items can also be stolen if window shopping isn’t enough for you. If you are finding trouble carrying your goods alongside your chosen spacesuit, you will want to upgrade the Spacesuit Design so that you can increase your Mass and survivability when exploring different planets.

Helmet ModelCost/ ValuePHYSENGYEMThermalCorrosiveAirborneRadiationMass (Weight)
Broken Constellation450191623055202.3
Calibrated Ground Crew918303834101010101.8
Calibrated Ecliptic31313739410010204.3
Calibrated Deep Mining906422634010201.9
Calibrated Space Trucker9313038341000202.2
Calibrated Star Roamer9313038341000202.2
Deepcore Space725282630502051.9
Deep Mining Space7253418260102001.9
Deep Recon1835363438101010101.8
Ground Crew737223026101010101.8
Mark I9255666468205502.3
Pirate Assault15153022260201002.1
Pirate Sniper15402826300010201.8
Space Trucker7452230261000202.2
Star Roamer7452230261000202.2
UC Marine15652440320020102.2
UC Vanguard2540343638502052.2

That was our guide on how to equip a helmet in Starfield and what helmets are available to purchase/find in the game. For more on this game, be sure to see all GJ coverage of Starfield found here. Thank you for reading this guide.

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