All Details About Monster Hunter 20th Anniversary

Celebrating two decades worth of monsters!
Monster Hunter 20th Anniversary
Screenshot via Capcom

Few video game franchises have left as indelible a mark on the gaming community as Capcom’s Monster Hunter. For two glorious decades, this iconic series has captivated gamers with its immersive worlds, ferocious creatures, and cooperative gameplay.

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From its humble beginnings in 2004 to its current status as a global gaming phenomenon, Monster Hunter has not only defined the action RPG genre but has also become a cultural touchstone for cooperative gameplay and epic monster-slaying adventures. Read on to discover everything you need to know about the Monster Hunter 20th anniversary event and join us as we celebrate Monster Hunter’s 20th birthday!

Monster Hunter 20th Anniversary: Dates, Voting System and More

In the ever-evolving landscape of video games, few franchises have stood the test of time like Monster Hunter has. The Monster Hunter saga began way back in 2004 when Capcom released the first title for the PlayStation 2, and it’s still going strong today with over 17 games across dozens of platforms.

In March 2024, the Monster Hunter franchise will officially be two decades old, and Capcom is having a very special event held in honor of its birthday.

Capcom has created a voting competition titled “Hunters’ Choice (Top Monster)” to determine everyone’s favorite monster from the Monster Hunter series. There are rewards involved, so you don’t want to miss this limited-time event!

Additionally, Capcom has teamed up with a very special company to release a series of limited-edition gaming products that fans of the Monster Hunter series really won’t want to miss.

Here’s everything you’ll need to know about the event and how to participate:

Hunters’ Choice “Top Monster” Voting Event

Monster Hunter Hunters Choice Top Monster 20th Anniversay Event
Screenshot via Capcom

The Hunters’ Choice voting event will be held for a full month, from November 20th to December 20th. Fans of the series who possess a Capcom ID will be able to cast their votes during this time, though only one single vote per Capcom ID is permitted.

Every single monster that has ever been featured in the Monster Hunter series will be featured in the ballots, meaning participants will have to choose from 229 total monsters. Once a vote has been cast, it cannot be changed, so choose wisely!

All participants will be rewarded with a free wallpaper from Capcom featuring all-new, never-before-seen artwork. Furthermore, participants will also be treated to a custom, original illustration straight from the developers featuring the top three monsters from the vote.

To vote for your favorite monster, click on this link here: Monster Hunter 20th Anniversary Event.

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MSI x Capcom Collaboration

msi x capcom collaboration
Image via Capcom/MSI

In addition to the Hunters’ Choice “Top Monster” voting event, Capcom will also be collaborating with MSI in celebration of the Monster Hunter 20th anniversary.

To celebrate Monster Hunter’s birthday, these two companies have joined forces to create a series of limited-edition PC products inspired by Rathalos, the popular fire-breathing wyvern from the Monster Hunter series.

While the true extent of this collaboration has yet to be unveiled, we do know that this collaboration will include a range of gaming laptops, motherboards, monitors, liquid coolers, cases, graphics cards, and controllers. 

This legendary, limited-edition series of Rathalos-themed gaming products will be available to the public in March 2024, so mark your calendars and get your wallets ready!

Click here to read more about this exciting collaboration: MSI x Capcom

We hope that you join us in celebrating Monster Hunter’s 20th birthday by participating in these limited-time events! If you’re a mega Monster Hunter fan and can’t get enough of that sweet, sweet Monster Hunter content, then you should totally check out Gamer Journalist’s “Top 10 Monster Hunter Games, Ranked” and “The 10 Best Nude Mods for Monster Hunter Games“!

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