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All Chests Ruin B-02 Locations in Tower of Fantasy

Ruins are fantastic for earning special rewards and completing endgame!
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In Tower of Fantasy, players take control of a selectable character as they set out to explore the vast, open-world of Aida. While you’re likely to stumble across several unique items throughout your journey. Ruins are where you’ll find some of the best rewards the game has to offer, including some hidden chests. And one of the first ruins you encounter in Tower of Fantasy is the Ruin B-02.

In this guide, we will break down all of the Ruin B-02 chest locations in Tower of Fantasy.

All Chests Ruin B-02 Locations in Tower of Fantasy

The Ruins in Tower of Fantasy serve as small solo dungeons players can clear out to obtain special rewards. Each ruin in the game contains two chests as well as various enemies and a final boss players must defeat in order to finish the ruin. Every ruin also has three difficulties; Easy, Normal and Hard. Depending on which difficulty you choose, the rewards multiply tenfold.

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Ruin B-02 is one of the earlier ruins in the Banges region of Tower of Fantasy. It’s located just West of Banges Dock, which is where you’ll be during the story mission. Once you’ve found the ruins, you will be forced to take out a group of enemies near the entrance.

The next step is to find the hidden chests in Ruin B-02. Here’s the location for each chest;

  • First Chest – The first chest will be hidden behind the vines as soon as you enter Ruin B-02. You will need to use a Fire weapon to burn away the roots and claim the chest.
  • Second Chest – The second chest will be in the room to the right of the hallway with two switches. You will need to place a cube on the switch to open the two doors. Go through the doors on the far end of the room and into the hole to find the chest. Beware of the enemies roaming nearby though!

Once you’ve found all of the Ruin B-02 chest locations in Tower of Fantasy, you will then need to clear out the rest of the ruins and defeat the Minotaur blocking the exit. If you successfully make it out in one piece, then you will be rewarded accordingly based on the difficulty level.

That’s everything you need to know about all of the Ruin B-02 chest locations in Tower of Fantasy. If you’re interested in more Tower of Fantasy content, be sure to check out our guides section here at Gamer Journalist. Where you can find information like how to take a screenshot or how to unlock Type V Armor in Tower of Fantasy.

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