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All Achievements in The Mortuary Assistant

The only way to conquer any game is by unlocking every possible achievement
The mortuary assistant screenshot of inside the morgue
Image via DarkStone Digital

The Mortuary Assistant is the latest indie horror game in which players take control of a character who has recently become an apprentice at River Fields Mortuary. The game features demonic banishments, creepy puzzles and five alternate endings, each is earned by fulfilling different requirements.

Travelling between the morgue and Rebecca’s apartment (the main character in the game), players will need to piece together various clues and banish the demonic forces that be. However, along your journey, you will be able to unlock various achievements as well.

Here are all of the achievements in The Mortuary Assistant.

All Achievements in The Mortuary Assistant

As previously noted, The Mortuary Assistant has multiple endings. So, while the game is relatively short, with many players reportedly completing it in less than two hours. Many of the achievements can only be unlocked by experiencing each of the five possible endings.

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Without further ado, here’s a list of all 21 achievements in The Mortuary Assistant:

  1. My First Body – Complete the tutorial
  2. Flying Solo – Complete the first body in the main game
  3. Throw The Vase – Throw the red vase sitting on the table in the front room after the tutorial
  4. The Phone’s Dead – Try to use the phone at the start of the game
  5. No Way Out – Try to escape the mortuary
  6. 10/10 Immersion – Flush the toilet in the bathroom
  7. Six Feet Under – Open the outside hatch
  8. TURBO! – It does nothing… (hit the “Turbo” button next to the computers in the Embalming room)
  9. Our Secret Below – Enter the storage room
  10. I ain’t afraid of no Ghost – Get right back to work after experiencing a ghost event
  11. Let Me In – Fail to banish the demon
  12. Just Give In – Become possessed for the first time
  13. I’m DJ Two-Shades – Listen to all DJ Two-Shades clips while in Rebecca’s house
  14. All The Pieces – Experience all major story events
  15. I Survived – Beat the game once
  16. Speed Run – Beat the game in under 45 minutes
  17. I Know You – Beat the game without embalming all bodies
  18. Well Preserved – Embalm 100 bodies
  19. Light Em Up – Burn 50 bodies in the retort
  20. Closure – Get Rebecca’s ending
  21. The Mortician – Get all endings

That’s everything you need to know about all of the achievements in The Mortuary Assistant. Before you go, be sure to check out some of our other horror-themed content here at Gamer Journalist. Like how to identify a demon in The Mortuary Assistant or how to complete Tome 12: Discordance challenges in Dead By Daylight.

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