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A YouTuber’s PlayStation 5 died already

A YouTuber's PlayStation 5 died already
Image via Sony

The PlayStation 5 is scheduled to launch on November 12, but content creators and testers get the privilege of testing it out early. Unfortunately, one of those PS5 units is already fried. 

Popular YouTuber and game reviewer JeremyPenter, also known as Angry Center Gaming (ACG), received a PlayStation 5 for testing purposes and reported yesterday that it has died and no longer turns on.

The YouTuber was having some ongoing storage issues, receiving errors saying the system must rebuild the hard drive. These issues slowly became turned into network errors and eventually lead to a power failure.

Penter was working closely with Sony to fix the errors mentioned above before the demise of his machine. He did not post this video with malicious intent against Sony. Instead, he simply wanted to let his fan base know what happened. It affects his YouTuber’s ability to review games in the meantime, but he did order another system online.

The report is the first news we’ve heard about any complete unit failures and could be a one-off scenario. It’s too early to tell if this is a widespread issue or not, as only very few select people have access to the PS5. 

Jeremy explains his story on Twitter, and will continue to do reviews when possible. He is offering refunds to anyone who joined his Patreon for the sole purpose of watching and discussing PS5 game reviews. 

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