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Best Yakuza: Like a Dragon Jobs Explained (Guide)

Yakuza: Like a Dragon Jobs Explained (Guide)

When you’re living on the streets like Yakuza: Like a Dragon’s Ichiban Kasuga, you can’t really afford to be picky about the kind of work you get. Luckily, despite being an ex-convict ex-yakuza, there are still plenty of jobs he can take on to get a little more experience in life (and in punching people). Our guide covers and explains all of the Yakuza: Like a Dragon jobs in the game.

How to Switch Jobs in Yakuza: Like a Dragon

During Chapter 5, you’ll be able to visit the local Hello Work to change jobs at will. Most jobs have specialized skills you can only use with that job selected, but if you level them up enough, you can gain permanent skills and buffs that can be used with any job. Sometimes it’s worth running a job you don’t like for a little while to get some valuable skills. Kinda like real life, actually.

The Guys’ Jobs

First, we’ll take a look at the guys’ jobs in Yakuza: Like a Dragon.


Kasuga’s starter job, and the only one you’ll have for the first few chapters. Its benefits are minimal, so as soon as you have other options, take them.


Kasuga’s personal job, unlocked once he receives a true Hero’s weapon. Hero is arguably Kasuga’s best job, combining powerful single target attacks with sweeping area attacks, not to mention very well-rounded stats. Hero also offers some decent healing and buff skills, though if you want anything more specialized, you’ll need to switch up.

Homeless Guy

Nanba’s personal job. What Homeless Guy lacks in health and defense, it makes up for with magic skills. The Pigeon Raid and Pyro attacks are good against early game foes that may resist physical skills.


Adachi’s personal job. Good for some straightforward damage-dealing, with stats comparable to Hero, but it doesn’t make the best use of Adachi’s base stats. Best switched up for something else.


The personal job of a late-game party member. Hitman doesn’t offer much in the way of area attacks, but its single-target attacks are absolutely devastating. The Hitman is a great job to have against single foes with high HP, dealing rapid hits with high base damage.


The personal job of a late-game party member. Low in damage-dealing potential, but high in inflicting debuffs and status effects. Better for support than front-line fighting.


A strong, sturdy job with fantastic area damage options, though a bit on the slow side. The Foreman’s hammer takes a moment to wind up, but it comes down hard.


A berserker job with strong sword slashes hampered by self-inflicted damage. The Bodyguard can be a great DPS class, but a companion healer is an absolute necessity.


The classic tank job, the Enforcer’s job is to take hits, stay standing, and defend allies. Not much variety in terms of attacks, but a safe pick in general.


A self-buffing job, many of the Breaker’s skills have a chance to buff the user’s stats. Good for learning some helpful skills, but not really a sensible long-term choice.


A building job that increases in strength as you perform certain skills. When the voltage meter is full, you can take some powerful swings, though Musician is also well-suited in a support role.


A circumstantial job, Chef offers access to fire skills, which can be helpful early on or if Nanba’s not around. Otherwise, nothing especially interesting.


A varied job, Hosts are bit lacking in muscle, but make up for it in the sheer variety of skills available, including multiple elements and physical attacks, as well as status effects and debuffs. Good against rank-and-file goons, not so much on bosses.


A mysterious job, Fortuneteller necessitates a deep MP pool for skills, as its basic attacks are fairly weak. It’s a great support job, offering lots of heals and buffs, but it may be a little too lacking in offensive options for some tastes.

The Gals’ Jobs


Saeko’s personal job. A basic brawler position with some potentially helpful debuffs bogged down by low attack stats. Best swapped out.


The personal job of an extra party member. The Clerk is like a rogue, dealing swift, decisive physical attacks at high speed. Great for both single targets and crowd control, though a little low in MP.


Much like the Host, the Hostess offers an impressive variety of skills from just about all categories. Hostess is also one of the only jobs with cold skills, so you’ll definitely want that for exploiting weaknesses.


A support job, the Idol’s duty is to heal and alleviate status effects. While the Idol does have combat skills, MP is best saved for healing only.

Night Queen

A high-damage job, the Night Queen punishes foes with powerful strikes, many of which can inflict status effects. The Night Queen can also learn a bevy of elemental attacks to increase her combat potential.


A chance-based job, the Dealer is all about probability. The damage output of the Dealer’s attacks rely heavily on luck, but when they hit right, they hit like a truck.

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