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Does Luis Survive in Resident Evil 4 Remake?

One more cigarette
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Fan favorite Luis Sera makes his return after 18 years of being away from his fans monitors and television screens. Unlike the original Resident Evil 4 (2005), Luis’ screen time has increased tremendously, giving players more time to fall in love with their favorite character once again. From the opportunity to play as Ashley, to the ability to fight alongside your true Companion, Luis, the changes that Capcom have made for the Remake have been great. Whilst we know that Luis appears throughout the game, does he make it till the end? Well, we have the answers here for anyone wondering.

Who is Luis Sera?

Luis Sera, a charming and charismatic character who makes light of every situation within Resident Evil 4’s events. However, with the release of Ashley and Luis’s first interaction within the Remake, we see how things have diverted from the original. What was previously a moment of Ashley defending herself from Luis’s attempts to charm her, is now having to defend himself from Leon himself. It is shown that whilst these two characters had previously met, it was not under the same circumstances as the original. Instead, Leon appears standoffish and hesitate to trust Luis, which is an interesting change from the original.

The change shows the character development of Luis that we rightly deserved to see in the original. His trust with Leon is built directly through his actions. In the original, Leon and Luis at least knew of each others names before being cornered to the Cabin with Ashley. This time, Luis is not even aware that Ashley is the presidents daughter. As a lie to gain trust with Leon and Ashley, he hides his real motives, slowly building up his trust between the pair.

Does Luis Sera Appear Throughout the Remake?

In contrast to the original, Luis Sera will appear a lot more in the Remake. Luis can often be seen as a second Companion to Leon. In these moments, Ashley is nowhere to be seen, giving Leon and Luis time for their bromance to flurry. Hoping on rollercoasting cart ride, taking out enemies like a Spryo Breeze Harbour Minigame, Leon and Luis become better partners than what was ever attempted in the original Resident Evil 4..

Does Luis Survive to see the Credits Roll?

Luis does survive, temporarily. Unfortunately, the death of Luis Sera is inevitable and one that only true evil like Capcom would commit. To show more screen time with this character, already being a fan favorite from the original is the true horror of Resident Evil 4 Remake. It is in the moment Krauser’s introduction that Luis meets his demise. Instead of being killed from behind by a tentacle, because Japan, he is instead taken out slowly with the blade of Krauser.

The close-combat Knife-only fight begins with Krauser and as you play to take this old friend out, Luis lies in the back, bleeding out from a Knife in the back. It is a cruel, cruel end for charismatic Luis. But in his final moment, he rescues Leon from Krauser’s blade with a single, precise shot. In your final moments with Luis, he wonders if people can truly change. As you light up his last cigarette, Luis leaves our screen for the second time.

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