Why Is Deadshot Black in the Suicide Squad Game

Mystery around Deadshot.
deadshot suicide squad kill the justice league
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Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has stirred many comments and reactions for all kinds of its features and decisions. One of the things that seems to be among the hottest topics out there is why is Deadshot Black.

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There are multiple explanations for this that fans have commented on, but it seems there isn’t a definitive answer. Keep reading to discover what we found out.

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How Come Deadshot is Black in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League

Even though Deadshot is caucasian in the comics, he was black in the 2016 movie Suicide Squad, where he was played by Will Smith. So, even though I can understand the surprise with the old DC fans, the majority of the mainstream audience probably didn’t think twice about Deadshot being black because of the movie. One of the motives for making him African-American in the Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League can lie there.

On the other hand, I’ve noticed that a large number of players are expecting a hidden plot twist that will probably be revealed at a later date, explaining why this villain is black. According to them, a black Deadshot can be an impostor, a Deadshot from another universe in the multiverse the authors of the story created.

Be as it may, I don’t think we can get to the bottom of this without additional information. My best guess is that any of the future updates will give some indications as to what the answer can be if the fanbase pushes this question enough. Alternatively, maybe someone from Warner Bros. or the developer team comes to social media with the answer.

Another issue that pops up here is the question of whether the Suicide Squad game is placed in Arkhamverse or not. Deadshot being black, along with some other facts in the game, breaks the story and doesn’t reflect on the original story.

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