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What is XL Candy in Pokemon GO?

What is XL Candy in Pokemon GO?

A new type of item is coming to Pokemon GO, alongside some new level cap increases. Trainers will soon be able to “GO Beyond” level 40, and work their way through some higher levels. Doing so unlocks news cosmetics for your avatar, other items like incubators and PokeBalls, and XL Candy. So, what is XL Candy in Pokemon Go? Here’s everything we know so far.

What is XL Candy in Pokemon GO?

XL Candy is an item required to increase a Pokemon’s CP past the current level cap. You can convert regular Candy into XL Candy at a speculated rate of 100 Candy to 1 XL Candy. We assume you can also find XL Candy from catching Pokemon, so do not convert your precious candy until you actually need the XL variant.

Your Trainer level will need to go beyond level 40 to make us of this new item. At that time, trainers need to complete tasks and achieve XP and increase their levels. There is a data mine of level 41+ rewards and requirements floating around that you can browse. None of that information is verified by an official Pokemon GO source, though. Take it with a grain of salt.

The new level cap opens up on December 1, judging from a Tweet by the official Pokemon GO App Twitter account.

Ascending past level 40 will be no easy task, though. The amount of XP it requires appears to be roughly 176,000,000, according to a recent leak. So, if you plan on making good use out of the new XL Candy, it’s time to get ready to level up your trainer and complete the research tasks. Some of those tasks include powering up a Legendary Pokemon 20 times, winning 30 raids, and catching 200 Pokemon in one day.

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