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What WoW Classic Addons Does Asmongold Use?

What WoW Classic Addons Does Asmongold Use?

Asmongold is hands down the most popular World of Warcraft Twitch streamer. Since the release of WoW Classic, his viewership has skyrocketed and he is averaging around 50,000 to 100,000 concurrent viewers daily.

He spends a good portion of his time answering questions from the chat, one of the most popular questions being which addons he is using. For that reason, we wanted to make a list of all the WoW Classic addons Asmongold uses so you can download them for yourself.

What WoW Classic Addons Does Asmongold Use?

What Addons Does Asmongold Use?

AtlasLoot Classic

AtlasLoot Classic is a user interface modification that shows you what items each dungeon boss drops. It features Loot Tables for all Dungeon and Raid encounters, along with crafting information, item sets, world events, and more. You can easily link items from AtlasLoot into chat.


Bags can become a bit of a clutter on the screen in WoW Classic, and that’s where this addon comes in handy. It’s a bag replacement addon that helps organize and display bags in a more efficient manner. This is the ultimate addon with all-bags-in-one functionality.

Better Vendor Price

Making money in WoW Classic is important. Currency is used to buy your skills, mounts, and items. This addon helps you know how much any item will sell for to a vendor. View price per individual, stack, and full stack items. Combine this with an auction addon like Auctionator for the ultimate money making experience.

Details! Damage Meter

Damage meters become important in the late game of WoW Classic. It’s important to know how effectively your character is contributing to the group or raid in terms of damage. This is the most robust and powerful Damage Meter addon in the game capable of displaying damage and healing stats.


This addon allows the in-game map to become transparent when not mousing over it. It also makes the map smaller and removes the black background. This can be useful for players who find the current map a bit too intrusive and annoying.


RealMobHealth is an addon that records damage taken by a mob. By doing this it can calculate a rough estimate of its max health and store it or improved health point accuracy over time. Sometimes it’s useful to know exactly how much health a mob has, especially when it comes to raid bosses.


Recount is another damage meter that is useful to see how much damage each person is contributing to the group. Additional modules like RecountThreat can be used in conjunction with this addon to get additional information about raid groups to make your runs more efficient.

Titan Panel Classic

Titan Panel Classic is the ultimate addon for people who are serious about being efficient. This addon displays one or two information bars across the top of the screen. It can show your XP/hour or per session, gold/hour or session, durability, bag space, and more.

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