VALORANT Twitch Rivals Showcase Schedule

The VALORANT Twitch Rivals showcase will be streamed on April 3rd, 2020. Four teams of five battle it out in a best of 3 tournament-style showdown. Showcase includes 5v5 matches that took place over the past weekend during the VALORANT Bootcamp playtest.

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Each Twitch streamer that participated in the Bootcamp playtest will showcase their content today, Friday, April 3rd, on Twitch, synchronized in real-time. The official Twitch Rivals channel will jump from perspective to perspective, with commentators Goldenboy, Gaskin, and WavePunk giving us the play-by-play for each match.

VALORANT Twitch Rivals Showcase Teams for North America

Team NA AlphaTeam NA BravoTeam NA CharlieTeam NA Delta
HikoJordan FisherRivingtonEthan Benard

VALORANT Twitch Rivals Showcase Teams for Europe

EU Team AEU Team BEU Team C
EU Team DEU Team EEU Team F

VALORANT Twitch Rivals Showcase Results

NA Showcase Schedule

  • Team NA Alpha vs. Team NA Bravo – April 3rd @ 3:00 PM EST
  • Team NA Charlie vs. Team NA Delta – April 3rd @ 5:00 PM EST

EU Showcase Schedule

  • EU Team A vs. EU Team B – April 3rd @ 1:00 PM EST
  • EU Team C vs. EU Team D – April 3rd @ 1:40 PM EST
  • EU Team E vs. EU Team F – April 3rd @ 2:20 PM EST

How To Watch VALORANT Twitch Rivals Showcase

You can tune in to the official Twitch Rivals channel here at 1 PM EST, or see the embedded channel below. Each player listed above will also be streaming the matches on Twitch. Playback will be synchronized so it will be as if a live tournament is happening.

Watch live video from TwitchRivals on

Do Bigger Streamers Give Out More Keys?

No, there is no incentive to watch particular streams, as the drop rate will be the same across all streamers. Tune in to your favorite streamers to support them, have a good time, and be eligible for beta key drops. Here’s a full list of VALORANT streamers that will have beta key drops enabled.

As a reminder, make sure your Riot Games account and Twitch accounts are linked together. The key will not be a physical key you enter anywhere. Your account will be whitelisted by Riot if you are granted access.

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