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VALORANT Jett Agent Trailer

VALORANT / Riot Games

With VALORANT closed beta just around the corner, Riot Games leaked a trailer for the Korean agent Jett. The latest agent is an assassin that uses throwing knives, and she’s considered one of the most agile of the group. Overwatch players might consider her a combination of Genji and Pharah.

The trailer showcases a few VALORANT skills and some silenced pistol actions. She uses the updraft to get into a sneaky position and defend the C site. Cloudburst is used to smoke off the middle area, and she proceeds to get three one-tap headshots with the silenced pistol.

VALORANT Jett Abilities

Cloudburst – the first move emits a cloud of fog, obscuring the vision of enemies. Holding down this ability button bends the cloud’s path.

Updraft – after winding up this ability you are propelled in an upward direction.

Tailwind – allows you to immediately dash in whatever direction you’re moving in.

Bladestorm – Jett’s ultimate arms her with deadly throwing knives that do medium damage and kill on a headshot. Getting kills replenishes the throwing knives, keeping her stocked. Left-clicking throws a single dagger while right-clicking throws all dagger in a burst.

The VALORANT closed beta starts on April 7th, and we already have a guide to follow in order to prepare yourself.

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