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Underlords Reveals New Hero Models

Underlords reveals new hero models for the next Underlords update. Valve announced ten heroes will be receiving new hero models in this next patch.

The new Dota Auto Chess game has been gaining popularity and taking the world by storm. This innovative new game genre has inspired many knock-offs from the original Drodo Studio’s Dota Auto Chess, with Underlords being one of them.

While Underlords is Valve’s official Auto Chess game, there has been some criticism from fans about the lack of skins in the game. Upgraded units don’t really look any different than their base model, but this is going to change in the next patch. After all, upgrading your units should be more satisfying than just seeing them grow a little bit bigger.

Valve announced the new skins are coming from the Dota 2 Workshop community. They are responsible for many of the new hero sets in Dota 2.

In a tweet from the official Dota Underlords account, we can see the new skins for Abaddon, Anti-Mage, Clockwerk, Lina, Luna, Phantom Assassin, Queen of Pain, Timbersaw, Tiny, and Venomancer.

The second half of the new skins sets are expected to be announced tomorrow on their Twitter. If you would like to contribute to the new content for Dota Underlords, visit Valve’s website here.

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