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Is The Riftbreaker Multiplayer?

Is The Riftbreaker Multiplayer?

Depending on who you ask, part of the fun of a base-building game is working together with other, like-minded builders to create something truly all-encompassing. That carries over into tower defense games; you all worked together to put your base together, so it’s only right you all work together to keep it safe. The Riftbreaker is slated to be both of those kinds of games. However, is The Riftbreaker multiplayer?

While there are plenty of strategy, base-building, and tower defense games that have figured out how to make use of a multiplayer model, The Riftbreaker’s development team is a smaller, indie operation. As such, before they can even consider adding any kind of multiplayer functionality to the game, whether it be co-op or competitive, they need to finish the game’s single-player campaign first. 

Is The Riftbreaker Multiplayer?

As a member of the dev team explained on the Steam forums a little while back, nothing is off the table post-launch. In fact, with the outpouring of requests they’ve received for some manner of multiplayer content, they decided to officially put it on the agenda. 

That said, because they only have so much manpower available, they need to focus exclusively on finishing the single player campaign in time for the game’s release this coming fall, and even after that, there’ll probably be a round of QA and bug squashing that often follows every full game release. 

Once all of that is squared and stable, though, the devs are planning to get to work on a co-op play mode. They haven’t said how long exactly such a mode would take to put together, but whenever they do get it done, it would be added to the game as a free post-launch update.

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