The Division 2 High-End Gear Talents – Title Update 8

Below you can find a complete list of all gear talents that can roll on high-end backpacks and chests. These can be viewed in the Recalibration Library as well.

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Division 2 High-End Backpack Talents

Combined Arms – shooting an enemy increases total skill damage by 25% for 3 seconds.

Energize – using an armor kit grants +1 skill tier for 15 seconds. If already at skill tier 6, grant overcharge. 60 second cooldown.

Tech Support – skill kills increase total skill damage by 25% for 20 seconds.

Calculated – kills from cover reduce skill cooldowns by 10%.

Shock and Awe – applying a status effect to an enemy increases total skill damage and repair by 20% for 20s.

Safeguard – while at full armor, increases total skill repair by 100%.

Overclock – allies within 7m of your deployed skills gain 25% reload speed and reduces their active cooldowns by 0.2s each second.

Bloodsucker – killing an enemy adds and refreshes a stack of +10% bonus armor for 10s. Max stack is 10.

Leadership – performing a cover to cover move grants 12% of your armor as bonus armor to you and all allies for 10s. This is doubled if you end within 10m of an enemy. 10-second cooldown.

Protector – when your shield is damaged, you gain +5% bonus armor and all other allies gain 15% of your armor as bonus armor for 3s. 3-second cooldown.

Vigilance – increases total weapon damage by 25% Taking damage disables this buff for 4s.

Versatile – amplifies total weapon damage for 10s when swapping between your primary and secondary weapons if they are different. 5s per weapon type.

  • 35% to enemies within 15m for Shotguns and SMGs.
  • 25% to enemies further than 25m for Rifles and Marksman Rifles.
  • 10% to enemies between 15-25m for LMGs and Assault Rifles.

Opportunistic – enemies you hit with shotguns and marksman rifles amplifies the damage they take by 10% from all sources for 5s. Requires a marksman rifle or shotgun drawn.

Unstoppable Force – killing an enemy increases total weapon damage by 5% for 15s. Stacks up to 5 times.

Companion – while you are within 5 meters of an ally or skill, total weapon damage is increased by 15%.

Composure – while in cover, increases total weapon damage by 15%.

Concussion – headshots increase total weapon damage by 10% for 1.5s, 5s with marksman rifles. Headshot kills increase total weapon damage by 15% for 10s.

Creeping Death – when you apply a status effect, it is also applied to all enemies within 5m of your target. 20-second cooldown.

Wicked – applying a status effect increases total weapon damage by 18% for 20 seconds.

Galvanize – applying a blind, ensnare, confuse or shock to an enemy grants 40% of your armor as bonus armor to allies within 20m of that enemy for 10 seconds.

Clutch – if you are below 15% armor, critical hits repair 2.5% missing armor. Kills allow you to repair up to 100% armor for 4-10s, based on your offensive core attributes.

Division 2 High-End Chest Talents

Tag Team – The last enemy you have damaged with a skill is marked. Dealing weapon damage to that enemy consumes the mark to reduce active cooldowns by 4s.

Kinetic Momentum – When in combat, each skill generates a stack while active or not on cooldown. Stacks increase your total damage by 1% and total skill repair by 2%. Up to 15 stacks per skill. Lost on cooldown.

Skilled – Skill kills have a 25% chance to reset skill cooldowns.

Spotter – Amplifies total weapon and skill damage by 15% to pulsed enemies.

Explosive Delivery – Whenever you throw a skill, 1.5s after landing it creates an explosion damaging enemies within 5m. Damage scales with skill tier dealing 25%-100% damage of a concussion grenade. At most once per skill.

Empathic Resolve – Repairing an ally increases their total weapon and skill damage by 3-15% for 10s. 1-7% if self. Effectiveness increased by your skill tier.

Overwatch – After staying in cover for 10s. Increase you and your allies total weapon and skill damage by 12s as long as you remain in cover or in a cover-to-cover move.

Intimidate – While you have bonus armor, amplifies total weapon damage by 35% to enemies within 10m.

Unbreakable – When your armor is depleted, repair 95% of your armor.
Vanguard – Deploying a shield makes it invulnerable for 5s and grants 45% of your armor as bonus armor to all other allies for 20 seconds. Cooldown 60 seconds.

Protected Reload – Grants +20% bonus armor while reloading. Grants 0-18% of your armor as bonus armor to all other allies when they are reloading, based on your defensive core attribute. Cooldown 25 seconds.

Glass Cannon – All damage dealt is amplified by 25%. All damage taken is amplified by 50%.

Gunslinger – Weapon swapping increases total weapon damage by 20% for 5s. This buff is lost for 5s if you weapon swap while it is active.

Focus – Increases total weapon damage by 5% every second you are aiming while scoped 8x or higher, up to 50%. Requires a scope with 8x magnification or higher.

Braced – While in cover weapon handling is increased by +45%.

Spark – Damaging enemies with a skill increases total weapon damage by 15% for 15s.

Obliterate – Critical hits increase total weapon damage by 1% for 5s. Stacks up to 15 times.

Trauma – Applies blind to an enemy hit in the head. Cooldown 30 seconds. Applies bleed to an enemy hit in the chest. Cooldown 30 seconds.

Mad Bomber – Grenade Radius is increased by 50%. Grenades that kill an enemy are refunded. Grenades can now be cooked by holding the fire button, making them explode earlier. Gain +15% bonus armor while aiming grenades.

Reassigned – Killing an enemy adds 1 round of random special ammo into your sidearm.

Tamper Proof – Enemies that walk within 3m of your hive, turret or remote pulse are shocked. Arm time: 5s. 20-second cooldown

Efficient – Using an armor kit has a 50% chance to not consume the armor kit. Specialization armor kit bonuses are increased by 100%. Cooldown is 10s per skill.

Entrench – If you are below 30% armor, headshots from cover repair 20% of your armor. 3-second cooldown.

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