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Terraria Journey Mode Powers

The 1.4 Journey’s End update released today for Terraria players. Tons of new features and changes can be seen on the Terraria 1.4 Journey’s End patch notes. One new feature is Journey Mode, which gives the player access to new powers. In this guide, we take a look at all the different Terraria Journey Mode Powers.

First, you should know about the power menu. This is where you can access all of the different powers in Terraria. In Journey Mode, you can access this menu by hitting the Escape few and looking on the left side of the screen for the icon under your inventory.

Terraria Journey Mode Power Menu

The Power Menu is located on the left side of the screen. In here, you’ll find the following options:

  • Duplication Menu
  • Research Menu
  • Time Menu
  • Weather
  • Personal Power Menu
    • Godmode
    • Increased Placement Range
    • Enemy Spawn Rate
  • Infection Spread
  • Enemy Difficulty

Duplication Menu

In this menu, you can instantly spawn a full stack of any item you know. There are tabs for different categories like materials, blocks, weapons, and armor. You can also search through all the items.

Terraria Journey Mode Powers - Duplication

Research Menu

Specific resources can be spent to unlock the same item for unlimited spawning in the Duplication menu. It depends what you need to sacrifice, and can be either a single weapon, three treasure bags, fifty acorns, or one-hundred wood.

Change Time

This option allows you to change the time to whatever you want. The options here are to freeze time, change time to dawn, noon, dusk, or midnight and also adjust how quickly time passes. The time speed slider can be changed from 1x to 24x.

Terraria Journey Mode Powers - Change Time


The Weather menu has a wind control slider, wind change enabled or disabled, a rain control slider from clear to monsoon, and a rain change enabled or disabled.

Terraria Journey Mode Powers - Weather

Personal Power Menu

In this menu is where you can find Godmode, Increased Placement Range, and Enemy Spawn Rate options. Godmode makes you invincible, placement range affects the range a player can place blocks, and spawn rate affects how quickly enemies spawn.

Infection Spread

The infection spread can either be enabled or disabled. It determines whether the spread of evil biomes or The Hallow occurs in your game.

Enemy Difficulty

You can adjust the difficulty in the menu from normal to master whenever you want. This will make enemy monsters very difficult.

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