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Splatoon 3 Brella Guide: Tips, Build, and Perks

Ink-drops keep fallin' on my head.
Image via Nintendo

One of the coolest things ever devised by fans of spy movies is the concept of an umbrella with weapons hidden inside it. You wouldn’t think you could cram so many gadgets in a little tube, but a spy umbrella is full of surprises. That’s probably why the Brella weapons of Splatoon 3 are so good for crafty Inklings. Here’s a guide to using Brellas in Splatoon 3.

Splatoon 3 Brella Guide: Tips, Build, and Perks

Brellas all fire ink in a relatively straight shot with a bit of spread near the end, kind of a semi-automatic shotgun. Every pull of the trigger fires a spread, but if you hold the trigger down for a second, it’ll deploy the Brella’s canopy. This canopy can protect you from around 3-4 direct hits from the front. Additionally, if you continue holding the trigger for another couple of seconds, the canopy will consume some of your ink to launch off and begin slowly floating forward, leaving a trail of ink behind it.

There are three primary types of Brella to choose from:

  • Splat Brella: Baseline Brella, no particular gimmicks.
  • Tenta Brella: Larger, slower canopy, heavier shot.
  • Undercover Brella: Canopy doesn’t launch after deploying, can use rapid fire.

As you’d probably expect from a weapon with a built-in shield, the name of the Brella game is defense. The canopy is meant to be deployed to give you some breathing room in a situation, and the launch function is meant to give you a safer path forward that you can swim through, even in enemy ink. It can be a big help if your team is all bunched up and you all need to make a getaway at the same time.

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However, Brellas aren’t great as large-scale skirmish weapons. One opponent can be splatted in a few shots, especially at close range, but a Brella’s spread isn’t wide enough to realistically take on more than that. Also, the canopy only protects you from the front, so a sneaky foe can ambush you from the back or side.

Image via Nintendo

The Splat and Tenta Brellas are regarded pretty much the same, so that choice is down mostly to your preference. The Undercover is the outlier, being more for personal defense than team defense since the canopy doesn’t launch. The Undercover is better for sneak attacks since the canopy will give you some extra defense while you line up your shot.

If you’re coordinating Gear for a Brella build, try out these abilities:

  • Ink Resistance Up: Once your canopy breaks, you’re a sitting duck. Get a little extra action in before you get splatted with this ability.
  • Special Charge Up: A Brella’s high rate of fire makes it good for charging Specials, and if you can make it even faster, all the better.
  • Swim Speed Up: If you launch your canopy with the intent of making a getaway, you want to be sure you can swim fast enough to actually make your getaway.
  • Ink Saver (Main): The canopy eats up a lot of ink when it’s launched, which can leave you defenseless if timed poorly. Dial back the ink usage and give yourself some leftover ammo.

The Brella is a tool of style and class. When mastered, you’ll become as slick as the most legendary of secret agents.

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